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Anne Anderson is the right person for the 44th Legislative District. Anne has the heart, leadership skills and experience to get the work done in our district. Let’s send her to Olympia together.

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Hi, I’m Anne Anderson.

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for State Representative in the 44th Legislative District! For the last 25 years, I’ve been an advocate for the environment, education and victims of crime. I love this community so much and have worked on some of the most critical legislation for our families including Breakfast After the Bell and the Farm Bill. I have built my career on fighting for real change for children and families of this district and Washington State as a whole. I look forward to earning every vote and hearing all of your concerns. Be on the lookout for news from my campaign as we engage with voters and fight for the 44th!

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“I have known Anne for many years and worked with her on numerous projects that help real people, including ‘Breakfast After the Bell’, ‘Feeding the 44th’, and ‘Ban the Box’. From supporting crime victims to expanding food banks, she is a person with impeccable integrity who gets the hard work done. I invite everyone to support Anne Anderson as the right person to represent the 44th Legislative District in Olympia.”

John Lovick State Representative 44th District
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“Anne has advocated for years for critical programs like Breakfast After the Bell as well as working to ensure the Farm Bill includes measures to keep vulnerable families fed. She has fought for years to ensure many local programs receive adequate funding. Anne knows what it takes to run, win, and legislate. After we exit this COVID-19 crisis, at no time has who we elect as our state representative been more important or critical. We have a choice. We can rebuild an economy that only works for a few at the top, or we can build an economy that works for everyone. Anne will be a legislator that fights for working families.”

Brian Sullivan Snohomish County Treasurer
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“If you don’t know Anne Anderson, you are going to want to. She’s exactly what we need to represent the 44th Legislative District. A fellow Lake Stevens resident, Anne has been an advocate for our most vulnerable as the Executive Director of the Lake Stevens Community Food Bank and again Victim Support Services. Her ability to bring resources and stakeholders to the table to handle traffic, education, small business and more is well known. Please join me in supporting our own most valuable resource, Anne Anderson, for the 44th LD.”

Terry Bockovich Community Leader
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"I have worked with Anne Anderson for many years. She has a heart of gold and her 'no baloney' approach is very refreshing. Her word is her bond and everything she does is to help others. She is exactly the leadership we need in Olympia."

Shane McDaniel Community Leader/Entrepreneur
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“Anne is a thoughtful leader with a history of accomplishment as the head of organizations devoted to helping people in her community. Her experience and heart to serve will combine to make her a great advocate for the 44th in the state legislature.”

Mason Thompson Bothell City Council
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“Anne Anderson has the determination and tenacity to accomplish great things in Olympia as our Representative in the 44th LD. Anne has lived her life serving her community. She believes every resident deserves a safe home with the necessary resources to meet their basic needs. As a human services professional, I can attest to the achievements people can realize when they don’t have to worry about having a safe place to sleep or wonder how they will feed their family or keep the lights on. She understands that we are strongest when we seek out different voices and listen to each other when working towards solutions. This inclusive approach is essential to getting the work of the people done in Olympia."

Anjie Jorstad Lake Stevens City Council

Some of my priorities include:

Safety Net

I have seen first-hand the devastation that can happen in a moment

We cannot allow citizens to have their lives derailed due to unexpected medical expenses, job loss, disability, aging, or traumatic events.

I have devoted years of my life ensuring nobody in my community goes hungry – my work on the Feed the 44th Legislation speaks to this experience and dedication.


Provide better transportation alternatives to reduce vehicles on roads

Improve our overloaded transportation system


Healthcare is a human right and not a privilege. I know what it is like to be..

unable to visit a doctor due to lack of health insurance

During this pandemic, we are seeing our friends and loved ones suffer due to lack of healthcare access. This is unacceptable and needs to be changed

Public Education

Everyone deserves an education – when more people are educated, ...

our entire society benefits

I will fight for our educators – for improved salaries for teachers and free tuition for our public colleges.


Anne's Core Belief: No one should die as a result of fearing the cost of Healthcare more than the illness. The current pandemic crisis has put a spotlight on the failings and danger of the status quo...


Anne's Core Belief: We must do right by everyone. An injustice against one is an injustice against all. Working to root out institutional discrimination is not enough...

Safety Net

Annes Core Belief: This pandemic crisis plainly illustrates how easily otherwise healthy, successful and hardworking people can find themselves sick, laid off, or worse...


Annes Core Belief: Focus on local people and establishments to keep money in our local economy. It is important to find intersections between social justice and economic security...


Anne's Core Belief: We must ensure our children grow to be well-educated adults. The innovation of the future and our very lives are in the hands of and dependent on the education of our children...


Anne's Core Belief: We will reap what we sow. Our decendants will not avoid our inaction. How treat the air, land, water, and wildlife now will directly affect the lives of every generation after us...

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Helping our community

Our local food banks are busier than ever with the increased demand due to job loss and pay cuts during this epidemic.

Feeding familes for 25 years

Anne Anderson has been an advocate for feeding hungry people for 25 years. Please join her in supporting your local Community Food Bank by volunteering, donating food or money, or being an advocate in your own voice. We can solve this problem together. Check out our local Food Banks and learn how you can help your neighbors.

COVID-19 Resources3

COVID-19 Resources

Children, families, leaders – we are all in this together, and we will get through this together. I encourage everyone to stay up-to-date on the COVID-19 crisis in Snohomish County to learn how to protect ourselves and loved ones. You can follow the Snohomish County COVID-19 Response and Daily Summaries from Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers below.

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Supporting family business

Anne Anderson knows our small business owners and workers are struggling during this time of crisis. Anne will work hard in Olympia to help keep our small shops running and help our workers get back to work!

Please vote for Anne Anderson on August 4, 2020

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